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  • A contemporary colour assortment alternates neutral shades with bright hues such as Marsala red, for applications on floors or walls to blend attractively into a variety of styles. Patina defies classification as a material, since it is a refined, original version of a ceramic surface with a waxed appearance which, depending on colour, may recall the iridescent glints of metal, worn resin or terracotta rubbed smooth by time. The graduated colours allow the various shades to be mixed, while large surfaces, water-jet decors and mosaics all extend the collection's potential and expressive scope in refined, sophisticated locations.

    Sizes: 30x60cm, 60x60cm,75x75cm,75x150cm

    Patina Asfalto
    Patina Cera
    Patina Cognac
    Patina Crema
    Patina Marsala
    Patina Petrolio